We would like to thank you for your concern and support of your loved one in the program

One of the issues we work on with the men and women is personal responsibility and integrity. To this end, there are a number of rules that the students have to follow when it comes to communication with loved ones. We want you to be aware of these rules so we may work together to see God’s will accomplished in their life.


  • As the student progresses in the program phone privileges are earned. The first two weeks of the program consist of a “black out” period. No outside communication is permitted during this time.
  • If an emergency occurs then you may call student’s counselor.
  • To make outgoing phone calls, students must have a way of paying for the calls. Most students purchase and use calling cards.
  • We encourage communication by letter as much as possible.


We encourage the positive encouragement of family during our students stay.

Mailing Address:

Women’s Home
Student’s Full Name
Teen Challenge Philadelphia
329 E. Wister Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

  • Return address and name of sender must be on all incoming and outgoing mail, and approved on students communication list, prior to distribution.
  • No subscriptions for literature (magazines, newspapers, etc.) are permitted.
  • The counselors will ask that all packages be opened in front of them at “mail call”.
  • A counselor’s note must be accompanied with the student who has a fiancée and receiving mail.


  • Students may have visits on Saturdays only, once approved by counselor on student’s communication list.
  • Students are allowed visits with immediate family members only.
  • All visitors must enter through the front door and sign in at the office.
  • Visitors must bring all items to be checked in at the office.
  • As a rule, one student may not participate in another student’s visit.


  • Students will be given the privilege of taking passes related to their classification in the program.
  • Please contact our center for more detailed explanations of Pass Privileges


  • Students are permitted to have individually wrapped hard candy and gum.
  • No one is permitted to bring food onto the property of Teen Challenge at any time.


  • Students may receive checks and money orders through the mail, addressed directly to them.
  • There is a seven to ten day waiting period for a student to cash any check or money order.
  • Students may keep up to $100.00 in their student accounts.
  • No student checks or money orders over $50.00 will be cashed.
  • It is not advisable or necessary for students to carry large sums of money here. Their basic needs are all taken care of, however, it is appropriate to have some money for personal hygiene items, incidentals, and snacks.

Who is considered “Family” for phone calls, mail, visits and passes?

To help us know who is contacting the students we have defined those able to contact students while enrolled in the program.

A family member is an immediate parent, grandparent, sibling, spouse or child of the student. For all visits, a fiancée MUST be accompanied by a parent(s) or an approved a chaperone by the student’s Teen Challenge counselor.


Phone calls, passes, and visits are privileges that may be revoked or restricted, at any time, if a student commits an infraction that requires disciplinary action. If we take that step, please understand that we consider it to be in the student’s best interest and a necessary part of his development of Christian character. Thank you once again for your support of your loved one who is in the program. We appreciate your cooperation and willingness to work with us in these matters.