Family Day Guidelines

Some of the information below applies specifically to the procedures at the Training Center. Please read the section below for specific information about the events at the Philadelphia Induction Center. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask us at one of the contacts listed below.

In order to receive a pass or visitation, a student’s family must attend Family Day. However, once the family has attended five Family Day trainings, the family is no longer required to attend Family Day to receive a pass (although families are welcome and encouraged to attend more than five).

Families must stay for graduation the first time you attend Family Day at the Training Center in Rehrersburg. You may check your student out for their pass at 11:45, enjoy the provided lunch, and sit together for the graduation ceremony. You are then free to leave campus. After you have attended one graduation, you do not have to stay for graduation in the future and may leave campus at 11:45.

RSVPs for Family day are two-fold; families must confirm their plans with the SAFE Department and students must apply for a pass from the Counseling Department. Families must RSVP at least one week prior to Family Day. Your student must apply for a pass through the counseling department and list the family members who plan to attend. Once you have completed five trainings, you will need to RSVP if you plan to take your student on a pass even if you will not be joining us for the Family Day activities.

Visitation Policies

Families are eligible for a five-hour visit on campus after attending the Family Day seminar.


Please call Sherry McMillan or John Blaufuss at 215-849-2054