One of the ways Philadelphia Teen Challenge reaches out to area churches and the community is through our choir. Each weekend the choir visits churches sharing music and testimonies.

The Philadelphia Mass Choir has had the pleasure of ministering to a wide variety of churches in and out of the tri-state area. Our goal is to be a blessing to congregations by testifying about God’s healing power in our lives and helping others see that with Him, they too, can overcome their struggles. We are able to customize our presentation to fit into your order of service.You will be inspired as former men and women, once in bondage to drugs and alcohol, interpret our Lord’s saving power through testimonies and songs. If you are interested in hosting one of our choir’s or the Philadelphia Mass Choir, please call 215-849-2054 ex 2001


The best way to describe our program is that of an interactive DVD presentation. We come into any youth setting and set up our equipment (or use in-house stuff if already in place) and “crank it up”. “Stay Sharp; Think About It” is basically a short movie that shows the reality, dangers and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse and many other cultural issues teens are facing. We use the power of personal testimony to “keep it real” by allowing our students to share their stories. To sum it up Stay S.H.A.R.P. is about Sharing Hope with At Risk People.

Since 1958, Teen Challenge has been on the forefront and cutting edge of reaching youth, adults and families in need of drug/alcohol treatment. It is the purpose of Teen Challenge to reach those with life-controlling problems, and to initiate the mentoring process to the point where the student can function as healthy, well-adjusted and productive individuals in society.

Over fifty years later, the vision and mission remains the same, although some methods have changed. Due to our great demand of treatment for substance abuse for teens, we have found the need to begin a drug prevention program. “STAY SHARP” is designed to reach youth in schools and other agencies in our communities. If you are interested in hosting a STAY SHARP presentation at your church or school, please call 215-843-2887 x2504.


If you would like to volunteer at one of our facilities, please contact Deborah Jones, Program Director at 215-843-2887 x2502.