To better equip you, we have created a Resource page with relevant articles and information. The following are links to these articles.

Facts Sheet Resources

Facts Sheet (Click on the link to learn more about Teen Challenge and our success rate.)

Sited Documents:

  1. Roger D. Thompson, University of Tennessee (1994). “Teen Challenge of Chattanooga, Tennessee: Survey of Alumni.” Teen Challenge National: Springfield, Missouri.
  2. Aaron Bicknese, Ph. D. Northwestern University (1999)  “The Teen Challenge Drug Treatment Program in Comparative Perspective.”
  3. Research Topic White Paper #6 – – click on Publications – Click on Research White Papers – Click on The Sociological Study of Faith-Based Communities, etc.
  4. A position paper written for Teen Challenge USA (1992)   “The Therapeutic Model”
  5. Services Research Report, National Institute on Drug Abuse, U.S. Dept. of Health, Education & Welfare Public Health Service.
    (1976) “An Evaluation of the Teen Challenge Treatment Program” Catherine B. Hess
  6. “In God We Trust – Faith-Based Organizations and the Quest to Solve America’s Social Ills” Lewis D. Solomon (2003) 082214 – (Book)
  7. General Resources

    5 Myths about Drug Abuse and Addiction

    Marijuana Not Safe

    Marijuana Use Particularly Harmful for Teens